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Year 2016 review

2016 is about to end. What a year was that for me! A lot of changes, fullfilled dreams and new challenges. Here I present the most important photograhic events during last year.

December 2015: Pilsko

Let's start with the very end of 2015. On Christmas Eve I was admiring sunrise from the peak of Pilsko in Polish/Slovakian Beskids. There is a belief in Poland, that what you do during the Christmas Eve, you will do the whole next year. Well, it didn't work, but still 2016 was pretty successful in terms of photos taken.

February: Malta

Right after we returned from Morocco in November, we've started to look for cheap flights to Cyprus. Since there were none, we turned our interest to the archipelag of small islands on Mediterranean Sea: Malta. Both Jola and me when we heard that some scenes from Game of Thrones were shot there, we were decided to give it a try.


Most of first nine months of the year I spent in Cracow, mostly studying and working. During Easter I spent one day in Tatras hiking Ornak, since there was still a lot of snow.

France & Switzerland

At the end of July, I visited my friend who was working for CERN in Switzerland and living just by the French border in a small village surrounded by vineyards. During the trip to Lac Blanc, I saw Mont Blanc for the first time and hiking around it (or even reaching the peak) landed on a very high position on my bucket list.


In September one of my biggest dreams came true. With my friend, Kajtek, I went to Iceland and hitchhiked there for 7 days. With the help of many wonderful people, we managed to do over 1000km and see some of the magnific parts of Iceland. After 7 days I can say one thing: I need to go there again!

The Netherlands

On 1st of October, I said goodbye to terrific Woblink Team and moved to Amsterdam to begin new adventure with Booking.com.

After first few days and finishing all the formal stuff, I read an article about wisents in Kennemerduinen National Park, about 6km from my new apartment. There is a program that aims to reintroduce bisons to the Netherlands. Currenly, about 20 bisons live in fence-covered area of park. During winter (from September to March) you can take a path and enter this area. If you are lucky enough (I was only twice so far!), you will see these beautiful animals.

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