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Autumn and winter in the mountains of Poland

Once our one-year-long trip aboard s/y Moonshine was over I spent few months in Poland. Previous time I spent so much time at home was over four years ago - before I moved to the Netherlands. After four year I missed not only my family and friends, but also Polish mountains.

When I moved to the Netherlands I knew that this country is known of many beautiful places: old towns of Amsterdam, Leida and Haarlem, windmills located by rivers and lakes, endless beaches on the coast of the North Sea. I knew, however, that it lacks mountains and I knew I am going to miss them. I kept tiring my friends with stories about the Netherlands being flat.

Coming back to Poland I decided to spent some time in the mountains. I always carried my camera the backpack but sometimes there was no reason to take it out. The reason was the autumn and winter weather - volatile, full of rain and fog. But once the sun shines it's easy to fall in love with Tatras, Pieniny, Beskids and Karkonosze. Below I show a collection of photos taken recently.

▲ View from Trzy Korony (Three Crowns) in Pieniny.

▲ Swans at dawn. Brzeszcze, Małopolska.

▲ Lakes in Nazieleńce from a bird's eye view.

▲ Siklawa waterfall (in Western Tatras) lit by the full moon.

▲ Sunrise on Wołowiec: view on the Ridge of Rohacze.

▲ Sea of fog covers Slovak part of Tatras.

▲ Sunrise on Wołowiec: a view towards Western Tatras.

▲ View on Tatras from Sokolica peak in Pieniny.

▲ One of the most popular photo spots in Polish mountains: a pine tree at the top of Sokolica in Pieniny.

▲ Different view at the pine tree on Sokolica with Tatras in the background and river Dunajec in the bottom.

▲ One of the roughest conditions this autumn: wind gusting up to 100km/h at the top of Babia Góra.

▲ Soła River and Beskids in the background. Vertical panorama taken with a drone.

▲ Hiking in Pieniny: where autumn meets winter. Winter came really late this year.

▲ On the way to Turbacz with the best guide in the world

▲ Winter in Karkonosze: frozen trees on the way to Śnieżka.

▲ A view from Śnieżka to Dom Śląski mountain shelter.

▲ Volatile conditions in Karkonosze: in just few minutes sunny weather can become a dense fog.

▲ A metre of snow and wind blowing all the time create wonderful ice sculptures in Karkonosze.

▲ View on Tatry and Gorce from a trail to Turbacz.

▲ Sunset on a trail in Gorce.

▲ Sunset in Gorce.

▲ Mountain shelter on Turbacz after sunset.

During these three months in Poland I managed to go hiking 11 times and walk 160 km. Few of those were just quick trips for a sunrise or sunset while some were a full day long trips. Many of them ended up being miserable and bringing no photos but sometimes it was hard to stop taking photos. Most of all it was a great way to escape locked down cities.

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