Łukasz Rados
Front End Developer
Landscape Photographer

Goodbye Netherlands. 15 photos from last three years

In just few days I am moving out of the Netherlands where I have lived for the last three years. During these years I met many wonderful people, made countless memories and, obviously, taken hundreds of photos. I had a look at my archive and selected 15 of my favourite pictures.

These three years in the Netherlands were a really intense time in terms of photography. After all most of the photos for the Project 52 in 2018 were taken here. Sometimes photography was taking all of my free time: every spring I was spending dozens of hours taking photos of tulips. I learnt to like the Dutch coast and use frequent weather changes to my advantage; I found out that Dutch towns and villages are a perfect playground for the cityscape photography.

Below I present, in no particular order, a collection of my favourite photos. I will surely come back to them each time I will miss the Netherlands.

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