Łukasz Rados
Front End Developer
Landscape Photographer

Canary Islands: Tenerife

September is a great time for travelling in Europe. In most of the european destinations it is already past the high season, which means less crowds and moderate weather. This year together with Jola we decided to fly to Tenerife. After few days there I dare to say that it's a landscape photographer's paradise.

We started our trip by doing small 'Tour de Tenerife' after which we got some idea which parts of island are interesting for us and which ones we would rather skip. During the first day we made a roadtrip visiting touristic south, Anaga mountains in the north and desert parts around Pico del Teide.

Pico del Teide volcano deserves a separate note. It's the island's highest point reaching 3718 meters. It looks really impressing especially when admired from the ocean level. Unfortunately to reach the peak you need to obtain a special permit which you need to do in advance via internet. As our trip was quite spontaneous and number of permits per day is limited, we didn't have a chance to do this. But we hope to come back soon.

Tenerife's climate is definitely worth a mention. Photos above were taken at altitude of 2000 meters and as you can see there are absolutely no clouds. This is because we left them below us. It happened several times that we started the day in a cloudy town by the ocean, we passed through the clouds and enjoy the sun above.

The most beautiful sunset of the trip we saw in Teno mountains, on the north-western edge of the island. After reaching Mirador de Cherfe I struggled to decide which way to shoot: either towards Teno mountains and sunset or rather towards Pico del Teide.

In Teno mountains there is one of the most popular touristic spots: Masca village where a gorgeous trail through the gorge towards the ocean starts. Unfortunately it is closed for tourists for a while now.

Tenerife is often considered one of the best spots in Europe for star gazing. Going to the desert during the night is more than enough to understand why.

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