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Madeira. The Island of Eternal Spring


Madeira drew my attention when we were planning our sailing adventure. Saturated green color, beautiful views and spring-like weather were inviting me and a short trip to Azores only encouraged me to put it high on the bucket list. Once the sailing trip was over I was sure that I need to visit it.

Autumn and winter in the mountains of Poland


Once our one-year-long trip aboard s/y Moonshine was over I spent few months in Poland. Previous time I spent so much time at home was over four years ago - before I moved to the Netherlands. After four year I missed not only my family and friends, but also Polish mountains.

Gap Year. Part 3: Covid 19 and Sailing the Mediterranean Sea


In two previous posts I told you about the great adventure I decided to start in 2019. Today I invite you to read the final part of my gap year update. In March we entered the Mediterranean Sea, the water was warming up and weather was more pleasant every day. And then the Covid 19 happened.

Gap Year. Part 2: from France towards the Mediterranean Sea


This is the second part of my 'gap year' updates. In the first part I described how we sailed from England to France. Now it is time to leave France and cross the Bay of Biscay to later sail the Atlantic Ocean towards the Mediterranean Sea.

Gap Year. Part 1: Sailing from England to France


In September 2019 together with a group of friends I decided to take a gap year. We bought a 36-feet long sailing yacht, repaired it and made it comfortable for living. This is the first of the series of posts about my gap year.

Goodbye Netherlands. 15 photos from last three years


In just few days I am moving out of the Netherlands where I have lived for the last three years. During these years I met many wonderful people, made countless memories and, obviously, taken hundreds of photos. I had a look at my archive and selected 15 of my favourite pictures.

Patagonia. A road trip in Argentina and Chile


Patagonia was one of my top dream destinations. Almost every day I was exposed to photos of amazing and unique landscapes, very different from anything I know. This year I finally travelled to Argentina and Chile to see these views myself.

Project 52. One landscape photo a week for a year


In 2018 I decided to start my longest photography project so far: Project 52. Every week I was choosing and publishing the best landscape photo taken previous week. All together they create a collection of 52 photos which I present below with descriptions and conclusions.

Autumn in Belgian Ardennes


Last weekend we decided with Jola to go for a spontaneous trip to Ardennes in Belgium. We hoped to see beautiful autumn. Right after work we rented a car and hit the road and after only few hours we arrived to Bouillon.

Iceland. One more time


In 2016 I made my dream of visiting Iceland come true and for 7 days I was hitchhiking, camping in marvellous locations and photographing amazing landscapes. Since then I wanted to come back. This year together with Jola and Wojtek we planned a road trip to Iceland.

Canary Islands: Tenerife


September is a great time for travelling in Europe. In most of the european destinations it is already past the high season, which means less crowds and moderate weather. This year together with Jola we decided to fly to Tenerife. After few days there I dare to say that it's a landscape photographer's paradise.

Portugal from South to North


In the first week of May together with Jola we have travelled to Portugal. The trip gave us an opportunity to visit a new country and visit some friends studying in Lisbon and Coimbra. Such a short trip let us only touch the surface of this gorgeous country, but even this made me think that it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Holidays in Thailand


After 16 hours and 10k kms in the air and 30 degrees celsius difference in the temperature, we have landed in Thailand. During two weeks we have seen north, center and south of the country, relaxing and taking photos.

One year in the Netherlands: a photo summary


Last Tuesday marks a date of my first anniversary in the Netherlands. I decided to browse my hard drive and find some photos that I can share. I invite you to watch classic frames from the country of Rembrandt: windmills, tulips, canals, but also some less traditional frames.

Year 2016 review


2016 is about to end. What a year was that for me! A lot of changes, fullfilled dreams and new challenges. Here I present the most important photograhic events during last year.

Hitchhiking in Iceland


Hitchhiking on Iceland at the end of September? You guys are crazy! — Commented the first driver who gave us a lift. And yet, we did it – in 7 days with help of 28 wonderful drivers we traveled over 1150 km and we found that Iceland is as beautiful (and unpredictible at the same time) as it is described.

Hiking in Alps: France & Switzerland


In the end of July I visited my friend who was working in CERN and living in beautiful village surrounded by vineyards. For the first time in my life I saw Alps and I immediately fell in love.

Malta & Gozo in February


Wedding of Daenerys and Khal Drogo, Great Sept of Baelor, Pentos and King's Landing. It's hard to believe that all of these locations from Game of Thrones series were shot on archipelago that area is smaller than area of Cracow. See some photos from Malta and Gozo islands.

Sailing trip to Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco


5400 km by plane, 1300 km by car, 250 Nm sailed, 600 km by train, several taxi courses and many kilometers by foot. During 15 days we visited 5 countries on two continents. I invite you to take this trip with us and see some photos!